Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Attractive Salwar Kameez

If you check the pages of culture history book, you can easily conclude that in every age Salwar Kameez was introduced with a new and attractive designs. As time passed educated professional introduced new styles of the salwar kameez that have charming look if you compare them with past dresses.

The running design of salwar kameez for you today is long that goes below the knees. It is designed straight with two slits on either side. Salwar is flared with a beautiful horizontal strip at the end. The duppata or scarf is usually worn by the women for modesty has rectangular shape that falls over the shoulders to the back. You can say it the basic introduction of the salwar kameez.

Cloth for Salwar Kameez is often chosen according to the season. Silks are suitable for the moderate climate but cotton is considered the best for hot climate and rainy season. For winter Satin or heavy brocade is considered fit to wear. Hand work and lace work often reminds the Pakistani and Indians home workers. Mulmul specials are prepared with and without odhni. Often three piece suit is bought from the bazaar. One piece for salwar, second piece for Kameez and third piece for duppppata. Women suits with the same color or with contrast is an emerging fashion in the Asian Countries just as contrast suits of pent and coat are worn in the Western Countries.

Special suits are prepared for religious festivals, Independence Day and on marriage ceremonies. Along with salwar Kammez Indian and Pakistani women love to wear Afghan Jewellery as it is running trend in the Asian society to wear jewellery with new dress.

If you go back a half century and you can find the example of short dresses that were usually worn by the women. The length of kameez usually between the hips and the keens. This was between 1920 to 1960. This trend was changed after 1960. From    1770 a wide variation in designs and styles are introduced. Different type of work, cuts and frocks were introduced.

Today the ladies visit the tailors and suggest them the new designs of salwar kameez from the catalog that really meet the Asian criterion of dresses.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Womens Clothing

Today choice for Womens Clothing  is becoming complex each day as number of online and offline shops are increasing day by day. There is a lot of research in the designs and clothing styles of dresses and it is hard for the women to do decision at once. Each Garment company is introducing new style and competition is going towards pinnacle.

At the arrival of each season old variety is thrown into the sale basket and new cloths are introduced. No doubts their prices are too high if we compare them with the previous year’s price but the volume of stock is stuffed twice each year as population of the world is increasing at rapid rate. Following tips are useful while purchasing clothes.

Never purchases women dresses at once, go at one shop check the stuff and its price. This dress may be your choice but you have to do a little research before purchasing it. Check its stuff and how durable is its sewing. If you have time to visit to the other shops, go there and during the windows shopping if you find the same dress at variable prices at different shops. Choose the shop that is with good quality stuff at lower price.

During the shopping never show hesitation, first check, is the shopkeeper is interested to sell the dress at rebate? As there are some dead items in every shop and one of them become your choice and shopkeeper always wants to sell such commodity at any cost.

For online shopping there are two options with you. One is a lot of research before shopping and second to find out those shops that have auctions for dresses but there are some websites that are always sell good stuff at reasonable prices and Culture Clothing Stores is one of them.

A dress with good quality, according to the fashion standard is there if you visit a shop that is a whole sale shop either it is online or offline. They offer the facility of business to business or business to consumer. On such shops there is one day in the week and at that day maximum good stuff is sold at the whole sale.

To purchase good dress for you always use common sense and remain present minded to enjoy shopping.